• Letter to the World about Everything Unsaid
    March 2020. Dear World, It’s difficult isn’t it when you think you might die, that we all might die, what to put on the page. It suddenly seems way more important than it might otherwise. Are these my last words? Are these what I leave behind? I’ve left others obviously (four books worth and countless … Read more
  • Talking Out Loud.
    Interview with Judith O’Reilly October 2017. What is the greatest joy of writing for you? When it flows. When you sit at your desk and the words come and you read it back and think ‘That’s not too bad’. What are you working on next? Book 2 in the Michael North Thriller series. It’s called … Read more
  • Bridge over Troubled Water
    Who knows what goes on in the mind of a terrorist? Who would want to? Lately, it seems their twisted logic dictates that even an eight-year-oldchild is their enemy, even a teenage girl wearing bunny ears in a worthyopponent. They loathe children then and blonde social workers who want to make the world a better … Read more
  • Note to Self: Next Time Write Gone Girl
    This is something out of the normal for me. The other two books I’ve written and had published by Viking, Penguin were non-fiction, but I got it into my head to write a political thriller so a political thriller I have written. To Hell with small details like the fact I should have written a … Read more
  • How to Write a Bestselling Children’s Book – probably
    When my two boys read a book these days, I quite often read the first one if it is part of a series. It got me thinking about how to write a children’s book, so I broke apart a few. As anyone with any sense who has tried to write anything longer than a shopping … Read more
  • How Do You Write a Memoir?
    How to give good memoir (otherwise known as Top tips for memoir writing.) *get a life. You cannot write a memoir unless you live an interesting life. Live it. Live it the best way you can. Try to fit the writing around it. If you spend all your time writing about your life, life will … Read more
  • Second Time Around
    April 2017. I’ve blogged before. That is to say I ain’t no blogging virgin. My first blog Wife in the North did that viral thing of zero to 60 in a matter of days. That I have to say was a weird time. Your palms get a little bit sweaty when you realise you are … Read more