Second Time Around

April 2017.

I’ve blogged before. That is to say I ain’t no blogging virgin. My first blog Wife in the North did that viral thing of zero to 60 in a matter of days. That I have to say was a weird time. Your palms get a little bit sweaty when you realise you are filing reports from your life and they are being read all over the world just seconds after you heedlessly press Send. I’m older now and frankly the internet has changed since those heady days when blogs were the next big thing. There’s so much more content out there yet it’s so hard to find anything you actually want to read. Or is that just me? I log on and I do a quick tour of the news and websites I like, do a few clickthroughs then I’m done. But there is no ‘must read’, no excitement about the kind of writing you just happen upon, the lives you get to know. Now and then someone says blogging is dead, and everyone nods. But I don’t think it matters what you call it and what form it takes – 140 characters, here and then gone again, arty photographs of breakfast – everyone wants to tell their story. Everyone wants to think someone is listening.